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I have been working on renewable energy since 2007. This experience gives me a good overview of ​​the developments within this domain. In particular, I have experience, knowledge and network in the field of offshore wind energy and electric mobility and innovation for renewable energy, which I gladly use to support my clients.

Offshore wind energy

As project manager of the tenders for wind farms on the Dutch (South) Coast, I have gained a good understanding of government policy for offshore wind energy. I know what aspects and interests are involved in the design of these tenders, both on the government side and with parties in the market. I can therefore advise market parties and sector organizations on how they can exert optimal influence, both in terms of content and process on government policy for offshore wind energy and the design of new tenders.

Multi-use of space at sea (in addition to wind energy also room for fishing, nature, aquaculture etc.) is becoming increasingly important in order to realize the ambitions in the field of renewable energy. From my knowledge of government policy for offshore wind energy, I can advise market parties, sector organizations and NGOs on how they can exert optimal influence on government policy in terms of both content and process. In addition, I can help the parties involved to seek synergy and develop constructive solutions.

Innovation remains an important factor for reducing the costs of offshore wind energy and finding solutions for ecological, spatial and grid integration. From my involvement in (the shaping of) innovation policy, I can contribute to the development of programs and instruments.

Electric mobility

In 2015 I established the Green Deal for public charging points for electric cars and the associated subsidy scheme, for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. I did this by consulting intensively with municipalities and industry organizations, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the European Commission.

In addition, I participated in the creation of a number of fiscal Auto Letters in which the tax incentive for electric cars is structured. This gave me a good insight into the E-mobility policy and the problems and solutions in the field of public charging infrastructure. I would like to use that knowledge to, for example, support municipalities in shaping their local e-Mobility policy

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